About Us

QRadar Insights is a non-profitable website with focus in sharing more than just information, but knowledge about QRadar.

This site is not an official IBM site. For direct support on the tool, contact the vendor through IBM Portal

About the Author:

Ricardo Reimao
Cybersecurity specialist, working with QRadar since the IBM acquisition of the Q1Labs in 2011. Currently based in Dublin (Ireland). Background experience in deployment, sales, training and projects involving QRadar in several sectors, such as: Telecommunications providers, Healthcare, Oil companies, etc. 


Tomasz Stankiewicz
IBM SIEM Admin, managing the QRadar system on a daily basics for different customers around the world. Proactive and thinking out of the box.


One thought on “About Us

    Imran said:
    June 17, 2015 at 11:09 am

    We are running QRadar version 7.2.3 and would like to know any examples of gathering user activities e.g templates, searches, reports. Basically trying to create a means of identifying the user/date/time, how did they access the network interactive login/mobile device or any other details that would help. Thanks

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